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August 14, 2008

Mario creator gagged by Nintendo brass

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When he isn’t designing groundbreaking video games, Shigeru Miyamoto partakes in a variety of interesting hobbies. And Nintendo doesn’t want you to know what they are.

Citing anonymous Nintendo sources, the Times Online reports that the man responsible for smash franchises like Mario and Zelda has been banned by Nintendo from chatting about his non-game interests, apparently because they “could be worth billions.”

If history serves, they’re probably right — Miyamoto has a lengthy track record of converting his hobbies into lucrative games. Plant-based strategy game Pikmin, for instance, was born out of his love for gardening. After his family got a dog, the rest of the world adopted Nintendogs. Most recently, he revealed that exercise game Wii Fit was a direct result of the master designer obsessively weighing himself after turning 50.

Both Nintendo and Miyamoto have, unsurprisingly, remained silent on the matter.

So this is the man who created Zelda and Mario…someone needs to build a shrine to this guy. Those were 2 of my fav. Nintendo games (old school Nintendo I mean, that’s the only one I had)…I also loved Ice Hockey, Double Dragon was pretty tight…hmm can’t remember the others I liked right now. I recently played Karate Kid for the first time, I think my friend got it at a flea market or something…worst game EVER…hard as hell with a stupid ending.

Oh, and I also had Rob the Video robot…that thing came with the Nintendo when it first came out in the States (I got mine in like ’86). If you got your Nintendo later on when it didn’t come with the robot, don’t worry, that robot was the stupidest thing ever!! I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me, despite my maturity and vast experience with technology.


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