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July 5, 2008

Burial Exposes Racial Rift in Texas

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I hate racism, but occasionally racism is so absurd that I find it funny. For example: segregated cemeteries. Cemeteries? Seriously?? I wonder if these racist Whites also thought heaven was segregated…anyone know? I’m curious about that.

Anyway, this story from the NYT is about a recent failed attempt to desegregate a cemetery in Texas.

The corpse of a white woman whose 2007 killing barely made headlines is now at the center of a peculiar racial conflict over the desegregation of the cemeteries in a rural Texas county.

Black leaders in Waller County, northwest of Houston, say white county authorities deliberately sabotaged their efforts to have the woman’s unidentified body buried in one of two public black cemeteries. Judge Owen Ralston, the county’s top elected official and the man who decided where the woman would be interred, denies the accusation, insisting that cost — not race — led to her burial on Monday in a white cemetery…

Upon learning Wednesday night that the burial had taken place without his knowledge, a county justice of the peace, DeWayne Charleston, who is black, said, “I’m going to have that body exhumed.”…

…Racial strife is a mainstay of this rural county of about 36,000 residents, 30 percent of whom are black, census figures show. Accusations of racial bias in such matters as access to polling places have been common in recent years. About five years ago, black leaders successfully sued the City of Hempstead, the county seat, for failing to provide the same upkeep of black cemeteries as white ones…




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  1. this is horrible I think it will make people think twice about one person could do a big thing:) Power to the people.

    Comment by Roxanne — May 18, 2009 @ 9:16 am | Reply

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