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June 19, 2008

Conspicuous by Their Presence

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NY Times:

O.K., so fashion ain’t deep. It looks into a mirror and sees …itself. The irony in fashion is that it loves change but it can’t actually change anything. It can only reflect a change in the air. But what changes fashion? What would finally move American designers to include more black models on their runways? That 30 percent of the country is nonwhite? That black women spend $20 billion a year on clothes? That an African-American is the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party?

Interesting article about the role of women of color in fashion…. or lack of…


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  1. sometimes, i dunno… it’s still fighting for a seat at a super-posh VIP-only Hollywood hipster bar that everyone flocks to cuz of the celeb sightings.

    YEAH, they have all the power, presently, but maybe if one wants to effect superficial change, it’s got to be built by those who want presence in a certain field.

    There are labels that do employ more models of color like Baby Phat — but aren’t nearly as big as Gucci or Chanel. Still, is this really what we want to be fighting for? Why fight for an “in” with the designated “cool (White) kids” when you can start your own crew?

    I think the reason why some people choose not to and to fight for “inclusion” instead is because to do otherwise would mean to start small scale and have the ripples of change emerge at a turtle’s pace. It’ll happen too slowly to be registered on a significant level within the span of a single generation. Cuz fashion’s got ADD. It’s a cokehead. But I do think it’s happening, just not as quickly as people with short attention spans and hot credit cards would like.

    It’s like, you’re standing out in your skirt outside of a hot club in a long-arse line, begging the White bouncer, “C’mon, this is frakked up! Lemme IN! This is ridiculous!!!” — but it’s just as ridiculous as standing outside in those four-inch heels demanding to be let into a club that’s IT factor is built upon its exclusivity.

    EXCLUSivity. Root Word: EXCLUDE.

    They’re asking to be INCLUDED in an industry whose abstract values coincide with the level of EXCLUSION. Which is antithetical to the principles of what they’re fighting for, correct?


    Comment by Aliiiiiiice — June 20, 2008 @ 6:56 am | Reply

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