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June 9, 2008

Obama Focuses on Economy

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All the problems in the economy augur well for our boy Barack. If things stay this way or get worse by November, it seems like Obama stands a good chance of getting elected; the cost of voting against him for racist reasons would outweigh the benefit. So, Obama jumped in to the economic issue today. Al Jazeera:

Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential candidate, has said it is time for the US to stop spending so much money on places like Iraq and to start focusing on helping people at home…His comments came as he launched two weeks of addresses focusing on the economy…

…He said he would impose a windfall profits tax on US oil companies if he was elected.

He drew a sharp contrast with McCain, accusing him of wanting to widen tax cuts introduced by the current president, George Bush, and send the US deeper into debt…

With Americans struggling to pay for record high $4-a-gallon petrol, unemployment up and consumer confidence down, Obama is attempting to focus the general election campaign on the economy.


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