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June 3, 2008

Obama the Global Favorite

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Al Jazeera:

The race to be the next president of the United States has captivated the imagination of not just a vast majority of American citizens, but of people worldwide, according to a new report commissioned by Al Jazeera.

And Barack Obama, who is expected to soon clinch the Democratic nomination, is proving as popular abroad as he has at home.

In a survey of 22 countries, published on Tuesday, 80 per cent of people polled who said they were aware of the three main candidates – Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain – said they were following the election “closely”…

…But it was Obama who was the preferred of all three candidates, with more than half of those who said they were aware of the candidates saying they would most like to see him as the next president...

…Germany appears to be the most tuned in to affairs in the US, with a third of people aware of all the candidates also following the election “very closely”.

More than 90 per cent of those interviewed in Brazil and India said they were following the race closely, while in China a quarter of respondents were watching very closely and a further 64 per cent “somewhat closely”.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds in Washington said the survey showed that people worldwide realise this is a pivotal moment in American politics and the transition form the Bush era.


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