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May 28, 2008

Do whites need training before parenting black children?

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Article about interracial adoption…discuss amongst yourselves. CNN:

NEW YORK (AP)Several leading child welfare groups Tuesday urged an overhaul of federal laws dealing with transracial adoption, arguing that black children in foster care are ill-served by a “colorblind” approach meant to encourage their adoption by white families….

…At issue is the 1994 Multi-Ethnic Placement Act — and revisions made to it in 1996 — governing the adoption of children from foster care.

One part of the law directs state agencies to recruit more adoptive parents of the same race as the children. The new report says this provision hasn’t been adequately enforced and calls for better funded efforts to recruit minority parents.

The more contentious part of the legislation prohibits race from being taken into consideration in most decisions about adoption from foster care. For example, white parents seeking to adopt a black child cannot be required to undergo race-oriented training that differs in any way from training that all prospective adoptive parents receive.

A key recommendation in the new report calls for amending the law so race could be considered as a factor in selecting parents for children from foster care. The change also would allow race-oriented pre-adoption training…

At the heart of the debate is the fact that the foster care system has a disproportionately high number of black children, and on average they languish there nine months longer than white children before moving to permanent homes. The latest federal figures showed that 32 percent of the 510,000 children in foster care were black in 2006, compared with 15 percent of all U.S. children.

Of the black children adopted out of foster care, about 20 percent are adopted by white families. The Donaldson report said current federal law, by stressing color blindness, deters child welfare agencies from assessing families’ readiness to adopt transracially or preparing them for the distinctive challenges they might face.

“There is a higher rate of problems in minority foster children adopted transracially than in-race,” said the report. “All children deserve to be raised in families that respect their cultural heritage.”

There’s plenty more in that article that you can go ahead and check out on your own. Opinions, anyone?



  1. in response to just the TITLE of the post — YES. Yes they do.

    White parents should also be trained before adopting vast quantities of Yellow and Brown children from Asia and S. America.

    ::raises fist, waves hi::

    Comment by Aliiiiiiiiiiice — May 29, 2008 @ 10:33 am | Reply

  2. Reading just your clip on it…. WTF.

    I agree that white parents should at LEAST go through transracial adoption workshops. Like what it REALLY means to have a BLACK SON growing up in this racist hateration of America. I really don’t think any one that’s NOT black can really understand the black experience without BEING black.

    But I also understand that on the real because of racist attitude, black children are not being picked up compared to other “cuter” and less “troubled” (AKA LIGHT SKINNED) kids…. I believe we need to stop teaching ignorance and start getting real with ourselves about race and how racist we are.

    Comment by Tranimal — May 29, 2008 @ 12:34 pm | Reply

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