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May 19, 2008

Venezuela Says US violated Airspace

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Al Jazeera:

Venezuela has accused the United States of provocation after alleging a US military aircraft violated its airspace.

General Gustavo Rangel, the Venezuelan defence minister, said on Monday a US naval war plane was detected over two of its Caribbean islands, including La Orchila which houses a military base, at the weekend.

Venezuelan authorities contacted the pilot by radio, who responded that he would head back to another Caribbean island, Curacao, a former Dutch colony used by the US for training, Rangel said.

“This is just the latest step in a series of provocations in which they [the US] want to involve our country,” Rangel said at a news conference…

…However a US defence official told AP that the aircraft is likely to have accidentally entered Venezuelan airspace after experiencing “intermittent navigational problems”…

Tensions between Colombia, Venezuela and the US remain high after last week’s report from Interpol, the international police agency, that said documents on laptops seized from a Colombian Farc rebel camp in Ecuador – which Colombia says show evidence of links between the group and Venezuela – had not been tampered with.

Both Colombia and the US have accused Venezuela of supporting and funding the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc), however Venezuela has denied the charges, saying the documents are fake.

 Hmm…Venezuela has every reason to be suspicious, IMO.


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