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May 18, 2008

Yo, yo, yo, YO, GURT: Bourgeois White Lady Flavor!

Filed under: Culture,Food,Gender — bobbleheadedbob @ 8:11 am

…speaking of CRAP, or just something that can help you crap (thanks, Jamie Lee Curtis!), here’s a nice little ditty courtesy of Current TV.

And it’s YOGURT.


Though Current TV says YOGURT is targeting women of “all races” of a specific socioeconomic status that wears gray hoodies and probably buys good “karma” by purchasing items that come in red and pink colors, it’s like, soooooooooooooo the official food of White Upwardly Mobile Women. Multicultural casting does not CHANGE THIS.

::spoons imaginary mouthful of blueberry cobbler flavored yogurt into mouth::

Anywho, it’s entertaining nonetheless.




P.S. Still reeling from this weekend, but shall be back to her babblebottedness on the morrow!

P.P.S. I dunno why I, too, buy into foods flavored like other foods — like pizza-flavored Doritos or chocolate pudding jellybeans and then complain when they don’t taste pizza-y enough or chocolate pudding-ish enough. DUDE, it’s a JELLY BEAN. DUDES, it’s YOGURT. It’s not SUPPOSED to taste like an organic appleberry cobbler with whole-grain vanilla chiffon fair trade vegan whipped topping. It’s just NOT. Is food mimicry that dericious??


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  1. Speaking of multiracial casting, isn’t it almost always lopsided? Like I’ll see commercials with three white guys and their one Black friend, but never the other way around.I’ve also been seeing too many commercials with white guys rapping lately. Granted, the only American TV I catch is CNN and baseball games, and I’m sure their commercials are pretty targeted so I am far from being the commercial expert.

    Comment by disciplepete — May 18, 2008 @ 8:58 am | Reply

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