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May 16, 2008

Wis. man won’t buy gas for 31 days, maybe longer

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Brian LaFave couldn’t care less how high gasoline prices climb these days — he’s parked his pickup truck and is refusing to buy gas for a month, possibly longer.

“The goal is to not use one drop of gas for 31 days,” LaFave said, calling it his personal stand against the oil companies.

Now LaFave, 31, is riding his bicycle or walking everywhere he goes. He won’t even let friends pick him up unless they already planned on being in the neighborhood.

LaFave does a 9 miles COMMUTE to WORK there AND back!! Wow. Puts my commute of two miles to my work… to shame. I should ride my bike to work… except I always need to give rides or whatever for work. Such a life as an organizer. THOUGH if more of us bite the bullet and do more crazy things like what LaFave does, there would be a MOVEMENT! Movement I say!

I’m going to buy my bike soon. Watch out bike lanes!


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