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May 11, 2008

Rock the Vote in Myanmar? NOW??

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This is really too much…so in the aftermath of the cyclone which has wreaked devastating levels of death and destruction, Myanmar’s military rulers have decided to hold a referndum, and they expect people to come out and vote on it. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the disaster. I’ll let America’s favorite news outlet take it from here.

Al Jazeera: Myanmar’s ruling generals appear set to ignore international pleas and go ahead with a controversial weekend referendum despite the swathe of destruction across mush of the country left by Cyclone Nagris.

The UN secretary general has asked Myanmar to postpone the poll and “focus instead on mobilizing all available resources and capacity for the emergency response efforts.”

So what’s this referendum all about?

The referendum is designed to win support for a constitution drafted by the military and reports in state-run media have made it clear that it is a national duty to vote “yes”.

Myanmar’s ruling generals say the constitution, which has taken them 14 years to draw up, is a key step in what it calls a “roadmap to democracy”, paving the way to elections in 2010.

But critics say the document is a sham intended to legitimise the generals’ hold on power…

The referendum will be the country’s first ballot since the May 27, 1990 election which the NLD won by a landslide.

The government refused to recognise the results and launched a bloody crackdown on student-led street protests.

The ruling military has been impervious to appeals to allow international monitoring of the referendum.



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