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May 2, 2008

Secret Bush “Finding” Widens War on Iran

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I actually have a lotta stuff I’ve been wanting to post on Iran, so I guess I’ll get the party started with this and post more later on. This article is about a “finding” (or directive) Bush signed a few weeks ago which gives the U.S. the green light to destabilize the Iranian regime by sponsoring those people we despise….terrorists!! Check it out:

Bush’s secret directive covers actions across a huge geographic area – from Lebanon to Afghanistan – but is also far more sweeping in the type of actions permitted under its guidelines – up to and including the assassination of targeted officials.  This widened scope clears the way, for example, for full support for the military arm of Mujahedin-e Khalq, the cultish Iranian opposition group, despite its enduring position on the State Department’s list of terrorist groups.

Similarly, covert funds can now flow without restriction to Jundullah, or “army of god,” the militant Sunni group in Iranian Baluchistan – just across the Afghan border — whose leader was featured not long ago on Dan Rather Reports cutting his brother in law’s throat…

…Further afield, operations against Iran’s Hezbollah allies in Lebanon will be stepped up, along with efforts to destabilize the Syrian regime…

All this costs money, which in turn must be authorized by Congress, or at least a by few witting members of the intelligence committees.  That has not proved a problem.  An initial outlay of $300 million to finance implementation of the finding has been swiftly approved with bipartisan support, apparently regardless of the unpopularity of the current war and the perilous condition of the U.S. economy.

The administration has been arguing that Iran’s influence is a major cause of the problems the U.S. has been facing in Iraq (through their support of Shia militias). Well…

Interestingly, despite the bellicose complaints, Petraeus has made little effort to seal the Iran-Iraq border, and in any case two thirds of U.S. casualties still come from Sunni insurgents.  “The Shia account for less than one third,” a recently returned member of the command staff in Baghdad familiar with the relevant intelligence  told me, “but if you want a war you have to sell it.”

The Disciple’s got more to say about Iran, I think next I’ll put something up about the currency/dollar hegemony issue, stay tuned…


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  1. oh gord lord.

    Comment by bobbleheadedbob — May 2, 2008 @ 8:37 pm | Reply

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