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April 27, 2008

Killa ICE, ICE Baby

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Their designs are as vast as they are ambitious. And they’ve recently leveled up in power stats. Their goals? To bag as many of them as they can. Papers or plastic? No, this is no fantastic new PC or video game, but a misplaced manifestation of blame on human bodies.


SAN FRANCISCO — Recent nets cast by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) captured hundreds of undocumented immigrants at worksites nationwide. In their wake, say immigrant rights advocates, family members and attorneys for those arrested struggle to find their loved ones and clients. As ICE expands, though, so will the deportations, the so-called “golden measure” of its success.

Interesting, ain’t it, how success is quantified in the number of undocumented “captured.” Is anybody looking into the language of deportation? What is “success”? How is it defined? The implication is that a state emptied of undocumented WORKERS = success. And a success of what?

Okay, looking at the legality of it, a success in taking a bite out of crime. I mean, what is the word “undocumented” but a synonym in the American legal vernacular for “illegal”? Illegal = criminal. By deporting these “criminals” we are dutifully wagging the tail of McGruff the Crime Dog. Remember him? That doggy dude? ANYWAY, looking into the rationale of criminality, why DO we demand for peoples to cease and desist? Well, we fight crime to protect American. To keep America safe. From law breakers.

Tangential — who constructs and enforces particular laws? And what function do laws serve? Well, to protect citizens.

Soooooooooooo… we are criminalizing the undocumented (ya know, to protect US from THEM), who we kind of dragged over her through the gutting of their economies, making money off their bodies in the form of cheap labor, and then we randomly select which pocket of undocumented to ship on back? Yeppers, makes COMPLETE sense.

And in case that explanation doesn’t, then maybe this will.

A “golden success” of what? Um, maybe a success of a more American America. Without the UNdocumented, then we will only have a nation OF documented peoples, card-carrying members of the US of A. So, from that perspective, yes, it would be a success in terms of “national cleansing” — but wait.

Don’t we define nation states by their borders, by who they keep OUT? After all, how do you know that You are You without the Other? What I mean is, without the UNdocumented withIN national borders, this could ultimately be a failed campaign for Republicans conservatives American patriots. Bullies can’t be bullies without bullets someone to pick on. Americans can’t identify themselves as the exceptional identity without an UN-American within their midst. Like White people not knowing they’re White until a Brown person walks into a room. Oh, CRAP, snap!

Let’s pretend this is about Race. Just pretend, mind you, since America is NOT REALLY a racist country. I mean, sure, there was this thing enacted called the Chinese Exclusion Act (buttheywerestealingourjobs!), the locking up of Japanese Americans in internment camps (butthatwasforsecurity!), oh, and didn’t we used to enslave Black people? ( :: crickets :: ) So no, we’re not REALLY a racist country. After all, didn’t MLK Jr. supposedly absolve America of all of that?

Of the vast majority of people being deported, the color is overwhelmingly Brown, and, to another extent, Yellow.

I mean, what makes an immigration official stop someone on the street to ask for their papers? What kind of work sites are being targeted by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)? Like any round of War Hawk or paint ball, there is a red team and a blue team. How we mark the enemy is by a foreign color. Otherwise we won’t know who to target. Who to capture. Who to shoot before this round has to reboot.

The raids form part of “Operation Endgame,” ICE’s strategic plan for “removing all removable aliens” by 2012. They come after years of increased emphasis on enforcement of federal immigration law, according to Black. “There has been a huge ramping up of resources to make this happen.”

Dudes! This even has the coolest title EVER: “Operation Endgame” — do you think I’ll be able to find it at Best Buy next week? Deportation for sport. It’s hunting season, all year ’round, baby. Stock up on dem hit points, bag em, tag em, and drag em all on back, we need to accumulate those hit points so we can get on up to Level 2012. Cuz I hear zey Boss is real Bad Ass. You think these goombas and koopa troopas real bad? You think King Koopa zey baddest?

Think again. Wait til you meet ICE, ICE, baby. A real thrilla killa.


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  1. Awesome post. If koopa troopas are mentioned then it gets an automatic thumbs up from me!

    Is there anyone who really believes they will get rid of all undocumented workers in a few years? I just can’t see it happening, too much of a disruption of the status quo. That’s not to say that they won’t increase enforcement of immigration laws tho..

    You know, I’m starting to question your patriotism. I’m going to mail you a flag pin to wear.

    Comment by disciplepete — April 27, 2008 @ 7:49 am | Reply

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