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April 23, 2008

For Democrats, Questions Over Race and Electability

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It is the question that has hung over Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and it loomed large on Tuesday night after his loss to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Pennsylvania: Why has he been unable to win over enough working-class and white voters to wrap up the Democratic nomination?

Lurking behind that question is another: Is the Democratic Party hesitating about race as it moves to the brink of nominating an African-American to be president?

The composition of Mrs. Clinton’s support — or, looked at another way, the makeup of voters who have proved reluctant to embrace Mr. Obama — has Democrats wondering, if not worrying, about what role race may be playing. (article)

Race? That has nothing to do with Obama’s electability. Like my man Paul Mooney said, Obama’s problem is that he’s too skinny. America’s not ready for a skinny president!



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  1. Um… there are no stipulations in White Working Class of America membership that underscore a mandatory understanding of ALL forms of exploitation and oppression. WHY can’t Obama “win one” with the WHITE working class??? Um… ::crickets::

    Comment by Aliiiiiiice — April 24, 2008 @ 3:01 am | Reply

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