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April 9, 2008

50 Cent and Universal sued for pushing “gangsta” life

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – Hip hop mogul 50 Cent, Universal Music Group and several of its record labels were sued on Wednesday for promoting a “gangsta lifestyle” by a 14-year-old boy who says friends of the rapper assaulted him.

The lawsuit filed by James Rosemond and his mother, Cynthia Reed, says Universal Music Group — owned by Vivendi SA — and its labels Interscope Records, G-Unit Records and Shady Records, bear responsibility for the assault because they encourage artists to pursue violent, criminal lifestyles. (article)

As someone who represents the gangsta life as well, this greatly concerns me.

Joking aside though, it’s pretty messed up; the 14 year old was attacked by grown men apparently, Tony Yayo and some of his associates (Yayo plead guilty to harassment, his employee plead guilty to endangering the welfare of a child and got jail time). I don’t see this lawsuit going anywhere though, how are you going to sue a record company for the personal choices their artists make? Even if the companies do “promote a gangsta lifestyle”, whatever that means, it’s not like these men are children who have to obey what the company tells them.




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