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March 20, 2008

Seattle Bans Sale Of Bottled Water

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Huffington Post:

First San Francisco banned it. Then Chicago started taxing it. Now, the city of Seattle is taking action against bottled water; last week, Mayor Greg Nickels signed an executive order to stop the city from buying bottled water. That means no more bottled water at city facilities and events, which may sound like a small step, but it’ll make a big difference; last year, the city spent $58,000 on the stuff (and that’s not including the true cost and carbon footprint of bottled water). We’re willing to bet that the city’s taxpayers can probably think of about 58,000 ways to better spend that money. (article)

I’m confused about the bottled water issue. I’ve heard that bottled water is no better than tap water, but I also thought that tap water is worse than bottled water and will give you the cooties etc. So I just don’t know what to believe right now. I’m sticking with purified water as much as I can for now. (Although the Seattle ban seems to be about the environmental effects of bottled water [bottles piling up in landfills] rather than the health effects.)


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