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March 19, 2008

Gays fear an influx of hate

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This past summer, a Sacramento area man, Satender Singh, was killed by a Russian immigrant who suspected that he was gay. Why is the Russian part important? Well, the article talks about the virulent homophobia rampant among some of the Slavic immigrant population in the Sacramento area, which “has one of the nation’s largest concentrations of Soviet immigrants”, according to the article.  The bigotry is plausibly connected with their religion, among other factors:

Gay rights activists in Sacramento, which has one of the larger per capita gay populations in the U.S., believe Singh’s death is the inevitable result of an organized campaign of homophobia imported from the old Soviet republics.

“The roots of what these guys did to Satender Singh can be traced to what’s being preached in their churches,” said Jerry Sloan, founder of Project Tocsin, a Sacramento-based group that monitors the religious right. “Some sitting in those pews believe they’ve heard it straight from God: that homosexuality is an abomination.” (LA Times)

Some of these bigots are activists, staging anti-gay rights protests. Civil rights groups on the West Coast are concerned about the bigots within this Slavic immigrant community, and that’s all covered in this article from the LA Times.


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