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March 12, 2008

Short people are most prone to jealousy, say scientists

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Short people should pray for a return to the Seventies fashion of stack heels, for the power of jealousy depends on how tall you are, the British weekly New Scientist says

This is the most hilariously racist and egocentric thing I’ve ever seen. Well I lied, the most ridiculous research I’ve seen was a NY Times article “discovering” that poverty is poison and not healthy for children’s development. I just want to do a big WTF to the people who did that kind of research to prove that poverty affects us! (Surprise!). But I digress, this research says that the taller the woman or man is the less insecure they are… AKA less jealous of others. And shorter men and women tend to get more jealous as they encounter taller counterparts. What about everyone that’s not tall? Meaning…. lots of indigenous people and people of color sometimes are just not that tall… as well as white people. This makes no sense. I’m glad these research institutions are spending their money wisely on much needed… research.



  1. Tranimal posted this, not me! I completely agree with the article, 100%. HAHA j/k..I was about to post this but had to run so abandoned it…guess that’s why my name’s on it…thanks for puttin it up Tran!

    These studies are usually pretty stupid. But they are entertaining headlines.

    Comment by disciplepete — March 12, 2008 @ 9:08 pm | Reply


    mebbe i do covet having an extra inch or 2 in height every once in a while, but i don’t think that makes me or any other woman under 5’4, man under 5’5, or robots under 3’3 necessarily jaLouSe!!!


    Comment by bobbleheadedbob — July 11, 2008 @ 5:26 pm | Reply

  3. I feel vindicated in life, when I was like 12 my bro and this fucker named Joe (my parent’s dorky twenty-something friend) made fun of me and said I’d be short all my life. So I’ve ended up being like a half inch under 6ft, while my bro is like 5’7″ and Joe is still a jerkoff. haha nah sorry Joe, you’re alright!

    Comment by disciplepete — July 11, 2008 @ 7:14 pm | Reply

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