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March 7, 2008

Liberty City 7 Trial: A Foretaste of Things to Come

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The Liberty City 7 are seven Black guys from one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country who were arrested and put on trial for planning a terrorist attack on the Sears Tower in 2006. These seven guys were all broke or damn near it, and the FBI sent informants to offer these guys money if they would agree to participate in an Al-Qaeda sponsored terrorist attack. Just read the article, it’s appalling shit. One of the seven accused men was acquitted, the other six had hung juries and the Feds are planning to try them again. From Black Agenda Report:

The U.S. government reached deep into an impoverished neighborhood of Miami to find seven Black faces to attach to the bogus “war on terror.” The Liberty City 7 – unemployed, semi-employed and sometimes homeless – were the most unlikely subjects imaginable to entrap as terrorists “prepared to wage a full ground war against the US.” Nevertheless, with the help of two well-paid Arab agents, the feds attempted to construct out of whole cloth a Black conspiracy to fight Al Qaeda’s war on U.S. soil. A Miami jury didn’t buy it, resulting in a mistrial in six cases and outright acquittal in the seventh. But so great is the Bush regime’s need for internal “enemies” to validate its assault on the rule of law at home and abroad, the feds insist on pushing for another trial. As always, Blacks are the “usual suspects,” even when no crime has occurred. (article)


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