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March 6, 2008

Deadly attack at Jerusalem seminary

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It’s been a bad week in Gaza; the Israeli military has killed over 120 Palestinians this past week. The Israeli military apparently entered Gaza to combat the Palestinian fighters who have been firing rockets into Israel. Amidst a serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza (the worst since 1967, according to human rights organizations), Israel has just experienced a U.S.-style mass-shooting at a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem. From Al Jazeera English:

At least nine people are dead and 35 wounded after an armed man opened fire at a Jewish seminary in west Jerusalem.
The attacker reportedly entered a library where about 80 people were gathered at the yeshiva, or religious school, and killed eight people on Thursday.
He was then shot dead by a student and a soldier.(link)
According to the article, the UN Security Council couldn’t agree to a statement to condemn the attack:
The US and Israel blamed Libya for the failure, saying it wanted to link any condemnation of the shooting to its own resolution pressing for censure of Israel over its deadly land and air assault on the Gaza Strip last week.

You gotta believe this is a reprisal for the latest Israeli adventures in Gaza. No one’s claimed responsibility yet, although Hamas has let the world know they are pretty stoked:

Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas, said “this heroic attack in Jerusalem is a  normal response to the crimes of the occupier and its murder of civilians”.

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